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Pink Rooms7 Inspiring Pink Rooms Done Right

Pink Rooms
I know what you are thinking, "PINK?" But, stay with me. Pink has come a long way. I'm not talking bubblegum pink or that awful mid-tone rose pink that was so popular in 60's bathrooms. (You know what I'm talking about.) My granny had one that- while spectacular in it's granny-ness- was not a good look. I really wish I had a photo of it. She was so cute, she wanted ev[...]

Friday Finds – Instagram

Friday Finds - Instagram
I love Instagram! It is my favorite social media platform, by far! It's so much better than Facebook, because it's just a bunch of pretty pictures. (Or Twitter, which I just can't get into! Seriously, can someone help me with Twitter? I don't really get it. I just see a bunch of words and I turn off.) Anyway, here are some Friday Finds, for your enjoyment. A collec[...]