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31 Days Without Spending – Part 3Reflections on our Spending Fast

31 Days Without Spending - Part 3
31 Days Without Spending - Reflections on our Spending Freeze We did it! We made it through an entire month without spending!! Well, very nearly. We did break the Spending Freeze a couple times, which I will explain below, but by and large it was a success! Let's review. In an effort to prepare for some long-term investments, we decided to do a Spending Freeze f[...]

31 Days Without Spending- Part 2Spending Fast Halfway Point Update

31 Days Without Spending- Part 2
We are a little more than halfway through our Spending Freeze (woo hoo!). Here is an update on how it has gone, so far. To review, we started our 31 Days Without Spending (i.e. Spending Freeze) on July 1st with grand plans to save money, invest for the future, establish healthier spending habits and rediscover the joys of living simply (lofty goals, I know!) But, a[...]

31 Days Without Spending- Part 1Spending Freeze- The Plan

31 Days Without Spending- Part 1
Lately I've been feeling pretty guilty about my spending. I'm not exactly burning through cash all over town or anything, but I could definitely be better with my money. Especially now that we have a baby, saving and investing seem more important than ever. Bill and I have some long-term investments that we are planning, but before we could take those on, we knew we n[...]

I’m Back!!Busy Girl to Busy Mom

I'm Back!!
After a very long break, I am back! I sincerely apologize for not posting in so long. Ironically, I just got so busy! To Review- We had a baby, moved- twice- and took on a home renovation. That's a lot to fit into a year and a half! Our first year as parents was a doozie. Our sweet girl, while amazing and wonderful, wasn't a huge fan of sleeping. There were m[...]

Cutting Through the ClutterClearing your mind by clearing your home.

Cutting Through the Clutter
Few activities bring me as much joy as throwing things out. I don't know what it is, but there's something about purging unnecessaries that really makes me feel alive. I don't mean to suggest that I enjoy being wasteful. In fact, most of the time "throwing out" looks more like repurposing, donating, or giving things to friends that I no longer have use for. I try to m[...]

Welcome to The Busy Girl Blog!

Welcome to The Busy Girl Blog!
Hi there! My name is Chelsea and my mission with this blog is to help busy girls find beauty and inspiration in their everyday lives.   We all have a million things on our to-do lists. Between work, family, social events, exercise, and everything in between, it's hard to find any free time. My mission, with The Busy Girl Blog, is to provide inspiration and ideas[...]