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Pink Rooms7 Inspiring Pink Rooms Done Right

Pink Rooms
I know what you are thinking, "PINK?" But, stay with me. Pink has come a long way. I'm not talking bubblegum pink or that awful mid-tone rose pink that was so popular in 60's bathrooms. (You know what I'm talking about.) My granny had one that- while spectacular in it's granny-ness- was not a good look. I really wish I had a photo of it. She was so cute, she wanted ev[...]

Black Rooms

Black Rooms
OK, so it's time to paint your walls, what do you choose? Sure, white is safe (and classic) but what about black? There's nothing quite like the drama of a black room. Black is classic, stunning and- best of all- it will never go out of style. It can go modern, when paired with sleek, streamlined furniture and accents. Or, create a traditional look with metallic acces[...]