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31 Days Without Spending – Part 3Reflections on our Spending Fast

31 Days Without Spending - Part 3
31 Days Without Spending - Reflections on our Spending Freeze We did it! We made it through an entire month without spending!! Well, very nearly. We did break the Spending Freeze a couple times, which I will explain below, but by and large it was a success! Let's review. In an effort to prepare for some long-term investments, we decided to do a Spending Freeze f[...]

31 Days Without Spending- Part 2Spending Fast Halfway Point Update

31 Days Without Spending- Part 2
We are a little more than halfway through our Spending Freeze (woo hoo!). Here is an update on how it has gone, so far. To review, we started our 31 Days Without Spending (i.e. Spending Freeze) on July 1st with grand plans to save money, invest for the future, establish healthier spending habits and rediscover the joys of living simply (lofty goals, I know!) But, a[...]